Friday, October 21, 2011

One Year Anniversary

Got A+ for the skin yesterday!  Year ago, stuck my head in the little black box with blue light at a Girl's Night Out reception where the sun damage showed up.  Ouch.  Coincidentally, same reception this week and stuck my head in the box again....lady had to double-take and smiled when she said my skin looked more like what they see on mid-20 year olds!! (I'm 48)  I looked and the difference was dramatic under that special light.  Smooth and even, no splotches, which I was covered in last year.  To me, I kinda look the same every day, but to friends and that little black box NOT THE SAME AT ALL!  Hard to go back and see the pics now, but glad I did.  Also, realize how much I tried to downplay some of the pain and emotional trauma.  Did that for others that might read it because I encourage you to do it if it's being recommended.  I was afraid dwelling too much on the pain & emotions would scare folks, instead of forewarning.  It was a really tough couple months, but I'm doing so great now. Back to riding all the time and having great success with Neutrogena Sport Sunscreen, SPF 50 or 70 (something ridiculous of course)

I know I need to do my chest next, but am being timid.  Still, that needs to be done and I'm just being a lazy baby for not doing a section every year at this time.  It's just that last year was SO BAD.  Work picks up like crazy right now, working nights and weekends already and mandatory weekends start in a couple weeks.  The emotional trauma is more what I'm dreading.  At this time of year, I stay pretty sleep-deprived and don't cope well enough with extra stress.  Last year, had a maaaaajor melt-down at work during the treatment and I know it was mostly tired and over-stressed.  That's a big factor for me as I pick the timing for treatment, cuz I'm going to avoid a repeat of that at any cost!

If you're on the fence, I'm grateful every day that I did it.  What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger, right?  Well, I'm pretty damn confident of my strength :)