Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11, 2012

Never realize when I neglect the blog until something reminds me.  Today, it was a buddy at work asking if all is good....and is.

Surgeries from the spring cleared up nicely and boy are the scars from the plastic surgeon noticeably "prettier!"  Was a tough financial pill to swallow (I'm still paying monthly deductible payments, but got 0% through "Care Credit."  If you have to have surgery, ask your surgeon about Care Credit.  Depending on the surgeon's offer, they offer 0% for different terms, which is definitely helpful!)

I'm finishing another round of Efudex on my breasts.  They start off the size of a pencil eraser and then just like before...reaction spreads...then I spread the treatment....reactions spread more.  Next time, I'm going to just draw a giant circle around the little spot and treat the WHOLE DAMN THING!  I've always been one to tackle the hard stuff first and this is no different.  If it's going to react, then let me react as much as possible and kill as much cancer as I can.

Right now, the treatment areas center on my breasts, so no photos and believe me that's a good thing :)  Sores are definitely larger and more concentrated, so I am absolutely glad I'm doing it!  I haven't changed any of my routing this time around either.  Workouts have stayed the same, even have a 400mile race 2 days from now.

As in the past, the itching DRIVES ME CRAZY, but I don't want to put anything on there that might even even the teeniest chance of decreasing the Efudex efficacy.  I plan to just grind it out, then use the steroid ointment after the treatment ends.

I continue to be surprised when I get feedback and requests, but please keep asking.  Can't believe how much this gets read and I just hope it helps prepare some folks better than my doctor prepared me.