Day 58

Day 50

Day 42 or 43

DAY 35 - Almost there!

DAY 34

DAY 30

DAY 29 

 DAY 27 -  Skin keeps coming off and the rawness underneath is the worstl, but I can see definite improvement on my forehead, to the sides of and below my nose.  That's actually looking like real skin.  I think the healing will definitely speed up now.  Been off Efudex for 1 week, so my "hope" is to have skin in another week!


 DAY 26 - Can almost make a creepy smile, but still too swollen and painful to do more than this.  Still it's a definite improvement over the past few days when I could barely move my mouth, so it's progress!

 NIGHT 24 - 3 days after treatment and skin really coming off and raw

MORNING 22 - No more treatments & 1 hr after new steroid ointment!

MORNING 21 - 1 more treatment tonight!


DAY 18

Night 15

NIGHT 14 - Today was a VERY red/burned day. Felt like I was on fire all day and looked it too.  But I still feel like I'm seeing progress.

DAY 13 - Feels like the sunburn from hell.  Still not sorry I'm doing it, just really annoying! Lots of little sores and lots of what looks to be dead skin, but when I try to pull it off, it bleeds, so I learned my lesson!

NIGHT 9 - Much more noticeable now, especially in the mirror!  Photos don't catch it all



DAY 8 - Spots becoming more noticeable