So, a couple things in summary.

1. Do it again?  Even with my severe reaction, I would do it again without hesitation.  All I care about is we made
progress.  Did it kill the cancers?  If so, do it.  It was absolutely the right thing for me to do.

2. Week 1 - Just like everything I read, I didn't have any visible reaction for about 7days

3. Week 2 - Just like others, increased in reaction

4. Day 16 - About Day 17, I wish I'd gone back to the doctor.  (my car was in the shop & it was a Friday!).  Day 16 is when I started seeing a lot of swelling, but if I'm told to cook 21 days to kill cancers, by golly, I'm gonna stick it out!  My doctor's office was very receptive to questions and me coming in, but I didn't really have any questions about my reaction, just logistical issues, which could be asked on the phone.  Wish I had borrowed a car from a co-worker to go in on Day 17.  Just to touch base because I'll always wonder if maybe my face was cooked and I could have stopped.