Thursday, November 14, 2013

Next Round - Day 11 - Nov 14, 2013

Reaction continuing to increase (yea!) and the itching is starting to drive me CRRRRRAZY!  Like with my face, the best way to "scratch" is not to scratch but stretch my neck around as much as possible.  The skin pulling kinda feels like scratching.

Sleeping still isn't a problem yet (unlike with my face and chest), so I have high hopes that will be the case the next 2+ weeks.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Next Round - Day 7 - November 10, 2013

FINALLY - SOME REACTION!  My perspective has changed SO much since my first round of being terrified.  Now, I WANT IT.  Now, I want the reaction, see more reaction, see more, I'm not a twisted psyche, just someone wanting to see the fruits of my labors and I want to kill more and more cancers and pre-cancers :)

Itching started pretty heavily Friday (Day 5ish) and I tried wearing long earrings today because I wasn't thinking.  They just drove my itching crrrrazy, so off they came.  2 more weeks!!  Don't know why the photos have so much red.  Maybe I'm straining my neck too much trying to maximize the light?  Will keep trying.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Next Round - Day 5, November 8, 2013

Nothing visible yet, but the itchies have started!  Wacky as I am, I'm go through this and NOT get any reaction would suck.  I want to see some cancers and pre-cancers die :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Next Round - November 4, 2013

Time for Round 4? 5?  I actually don't really want to know!  Pattern seems to be pick an area each fall and spring and just see what happens.  This fall I've chosen my neck, so of course I'm hopeful the reaction isn't real strong since I can't hide it with clothing :)

Just like with my face, there's only 1 little rough spot (in the dip at the bottom of my neck) and the rest just looks like an ol' lady wrinkly neck!  When did THAT happen?!?!  So, I'm hoping the reaction isn't severe.

Forgot to take pics before I put the cream on, so it's certainly easy to see where I'm applying.  Basically the front and both sides of my neck, from jawline almost to collarbone.  Debated the back of my neck and hopefully I won't regret not doing it, but it seems so hard to reach accurately.

Started the treatment Monday morning (today is Thursday) and getting a couple of itchies, but that's it.

Like before, I've put on my "special" pillowcases, so I don't get cream on my fun sheets.  If needed, I've got Aquaphor and the Mupiricin steroid ointment ready to go for when I stop treatment.  No anxiety this time around.  Thank goodness for THAT!  The first round with my face had my office wondering if I should be committed.  But, it was such an unknown then, plus, I had to wait several months for winter to come before I could start it...made me a basket case back then.

Not worried about changing anything.  Still have a 200mile training ride with my buddies Saturday. So, here I go again! :)