Monday, April 16, 2012

(Round 2) Day 35 - April 10, 2012

Healing is proceeding well...just a few scabs left and some itching too!  Strikes me as weird that each photo shows me what I wish I'd done more of.  Since you're going to go through tough times, just bite the whole thing.  Now, I wish I'd gone ahead and done my whole neck too.  Maybe next fall, I'll tackle that.  At the time you're going through it, all I can focus on is what I'm going through, so afterwards, I see where I wish I'd taken an even bigger bite I guess?

This weekend, I globbed on the sunscreen of course and the spots that were really hard scabs on my arms softened up great and those scabs (and the itching that came with it) came off.  The spots on my breast aren't healing like the others but I'm guessing it's because they stay in such close contact with the bra that they will just take a little longer.  Assorted spots on my leg, shoulders, etc. seem to all still be progressing nicely.

Got clean bill of health from the surgeon today and will start applying Mederma to the surgery spots next week to help with scarring, etc.  Since two are right below this photo, I'm looking forward to seeing progress!  He continued to compliment the Efudex results on my face, so I'm looking forward to seeing my chest and other spots clear up.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

(Round 2) Day 26 - April 1, 2012

(I know I got THIS date right!
Itching still driving me nuts, but it's definitely better than before.  The steroid ointment really helps the scabs soften up and I've been able to get quite a bit off.   This time, there's not the raw skin underneath like my face because I waited a few days before using the steroid, so not as much pain as before!  There's still a few isolated spots that showed after the first couple weeks and I'm going to continue treating them just to get them killed.  Still.....I see other little spots on my chest still appearing and it is KILLING me not to treat them and kill them.  I'm meeting the dermatologist again this week and will ask what she thinks about continuing with spot treatment event though it's getting hot outside now.

Had my first FULL shower 2 or 3 nights ago and OMI that was the best thing in the WHOLE WORLD!!!  I've been taking "navy" showers since surgery to keep dressings dry.  Though I've been getting everywhere, there's just something SO much better about showering all at one time and rinsing all at one time :)  They're very short, so dressings don't get waterlogged, but practically feels decadent!

Surgeries are almost a week old now and I'm VERY diligent about icing multiple times a day.  Nobody said to, but I figure that's what I'd do for almost any other injury, so why not there too?  Plus I guess it makes me feel a little less passive.  Ready for some working out.....not really, but not working out just makes me fatter and I spend more money!!

(Round 2) Day 24 -March 30, 2012

Recuperating from the 3 surgeries fine.  Just wish things wouldn't take so long!  Stopped the Efudex on my chest before surgery and figured 20 days was enough, which means the itching is INSANE this week!!  Trying to keep my chest covered (just for no questions or stares), but clothing is driving me CRAZY!  Started putting on the steroid ointment, which helps some of the itching, but it also quickly softens some of the scabs and I think that's its real effect.  Since it's so gooey, gotta be real careful about washable clothing :)

I'm not positive about actual days since surgery date, but if I'm off, it's only by a day or so.  I got through the week just fine, but definitely a little preoccupied and not necessarily with the blog unfortunately.

The hardest part about stopping the Efudex is that as it hits my system, I see all these other little spots showing up and I SOOO want to kill 'em!!!  But it's time to stop now.  Getting hot outside for starters and on my ride last wknd, it got warm and I got pretty nauseous, which isn't normal for me, so I figure it was the Efudex in my system....and they say, it must be done in the winter after all.  So.....I'll plan to see what I can tackle in the fall.