Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring 2015 Treatments

Treatments went well, just waiting on the skin to look "normal."  Have an appt in a couple weeks with my doctor and hoping the spot treated on my leg has responded well enough to not be surgically removed.  WAY more fun things to spend a few hundred $'s on!!!  Here are some progress photos.
Treated back of the right leg - left forearm - central chest....again!


  1. I just found your blog! I started the Efudex today but I can't seem to get answers to a few questions. I am applying it to a spot on my hand, a spot on my arm and one on my leg. The instructions tell me to apply the cream and then to wash hands really well and this is stressed very heavily. So I am afraid to touch anything and I really worry about cuddling with my dog. How dangerous is this stuff? If I am understanding your blog correctly, after about an hour it should be absorbed and then I don't need to worry about who I touch with my hand? If you can give me a little guidance I would sure appreciate it. This is scary. I like your blog.

    1. Hi Marilyn and apologies for a short reply but I am trying to leave town for a few Days and I'm using Siri:-) this stuff is scary but please don't be scared! I know that sounds weird but you are doing something really great for yourself. I was terrified at first because nobody could tell me how it would affect me but they downplayed it. Of course that backfired and I became the monster :-) I absolutely would still do it again and I'm glad you are getting to take baby steps. Good for you! Bottom line, I think they mean wash your hands if you use your hands to apply the cream. I use a plastic applicator that I got from an eye cream years ago. You could also use maybe a plastic spoon? Since you are just spot treating, I would definitely try to use a plastic spoon or something else small so you can just dab the creme on. You don't need to apply very heavily. Generally I dress within about 15 minutes. When I first started on my face years ago, I think I applied it to heavily at first. Now I think 10 or 15 minutes is plenty of time for the cream to absorb. Bottom line, you will do great! Just dab the creme on the back of the spoon then apply and use the spoon to even it out. After a couple of applications, you will learn how much to use or not use. I can pretty much guarantee he will use too much the first few times :-) Again you do not need to apply this heavily. And the only washing is if you use your fingers to apply it, which I do not recommend. If your spots react, you absolutely want to use an applicator to apply and not use your fingers. Things may be a little sore and tender and you will appreciate not having to touch them with your own hand. My favorite applicator is about a 2 inch clear plastic scoop that came with something from Clinique years ago. Maybe you have something similar. Good luck with the process. Feel free to ask any questions. You will do great and years from now you'll be very very glad you did this!!

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