Thursday, February 26, 2015

2015 February

Here we go again.  Nothing much is different overall. My job still has me working 6 days a week 3 months each winter, with about 7weeks of that at 7days a week.  So, no cycling or playing during the winter :)  Makes it really easy to pick February for my derm visits, since there ain't a tan line anywhere!

During my annual derm visit, my doc asked if I was still blogging and I told her no because I really hadn't had much to blog about.  For me, I've realized this is just an ongoing little battle and that's how I see it.  I've gone through enough Efudex treatments to now self-treat when I see a spot and that's about it.

Over the past year, I've treated a couple small spots.  Of course, each winds up spreading!  Most recently, a spot on my collarbone.  Since it's become such a common occurrence, I just don't think about it any more...just do it and get on with it.

Last week's derm visit wound up adding 3 spots as noted.  The one near my breast I was really surprised about because it just looks like maybe a pink "rubbing" spot from my bras, but it's definitely reacting!

The spot on my left arm I started treating about a week before my derm visit and it's definitely reacting, but not spreading as much as they usually do, which is nice.

The spot behind my knee I would've never caught!  The minute I see it in the mirror, it's a no-brainer and it's easily felt.  But when I shower, I use loofah gloves, so I never felt it!!  Dr is letting me have 6 weeks of Efudex to see if I can prevent a surgery.  Got my fingers crossed!

One difference about these spots, is she wants them treated 4 weeks vs. 3 weeks.  Sigh.  That's not a big deal in "normal" life, but with my worklife returning to normal Monday-Friday days, my bicycle life is ramping back up to full speed, with every weekend day being spent on the bike.  For most, that wouldn't be a big deal either, but our weekends are often spent riding 600km, which means a quick get-ready Saturday morning, usually just a couple hours sleep Saturday night, then back early Sunday.  Goal is to finish up early enough Sunday to get home and get to work Monday morning!  

With such short turnaround times, it's really hard to treat each area twice each day and let the cream have time to soak in before either dressing or curling up in bed.  Just means a little less sleep each weekend, when there's only a few hours total!

My Mom continues to be fearful of the cream and continues with multiple surgeries and is now beginning radiation treatment on 3 facial points.  20 treatments, 4 weeks every Monday through Friday.  NO THANK YOU!!!!  She has way more time on her hands than I do, so I am thrilled with being able (in the same 4 weeks) being able to conveniently treat my areas on my own time.  Yes, they may be ugly, but I'm killing 'em all the same!

Live all the days of your life!


  1. Good luck on this round. Your so much braver than I. I need tsee my Dermatologist soon and also ask about the shelf life on my Efudex since it cost so much and I haven't used it in a while. Keep your readers posted on updates.

  2. I am on my forehead now after doing my chest! I totally understand you "wanting" to see a reaction! I am finding this cream to be amazing! I am on a journey to find every bit of precancerous spots, basal cell on my body...area by area! You have inspired me to keep on fighting it! Last year I had my thyroid removed due to cancer and survived that inside cancer! For some reason it is easier to see cancer on the outside so you can watch it and kill it with Efudex cream....not knowing where cancer is in your body is frightening! Will continue reading your blog and keeping you in my thoughts as I follow you in this journey! By the way, my mother, the ultimate sun worshiper would not leave the beach until she was beet red

  3. Pam, thank you again!!!I Glad to see your post.

  4. Hi Pam :) I have been reading your blog on and off since 2010 and I am so impressed with how you have shared your journey with the world.
    I am just about to re do face, forearms and chest ... I have had the cream here for the last 10 days..not looking forward to starting the treatment again and to be honest, procrastinating .... revisiting your blog has helped me make the decision to start the treatment TODAY.

    Signing this as anonymous as I don't have an account to use...

    Thank you again :)

    Joy, Gold Coast, Australia.

  5. Hi Pam.
    I'm not sure how. U h you are blogging or checking this site lately but I want to tell you that you've made such a difference in my life! My doctor did not have all the information I was able to get from your site and so I shared your journey with her and she was receptive and grateful. I've finished my back, left arm, face, neck and chest. I'm now starting on my tummy and after that will do my lower lip and then my right arm.
    There were some pretty rough days while treating my face as well as my neck and chest so I would pull up your lid and get some strength to continue.
    You are my hero! Thank you for letting me see your journey because it was empowering and encouraging! I'm forever grateful! I plan to share my photos and journal when I'm finished.
    I do have a question: have you treated your tummy?

    1. Hi Lauren and yikes! You've been through the mill and I've no clue how you could do this treatment on your back! I've done spots on my back but not a large area. Yuck. I've never done my tummy but I would bet clothing is a big challenge? Seems all clothes would bind, especially when sitting??
      It just baffles me how doctors don't pursue more info on the process. Seems so easy to collect feedback and share with other patients. Grrrr. Sorry you too got caught up in that.
      If you have any tips or info as you proceed I'd love to hear! Never know when my tummy may be next. Good luck Lauren and stay the course!! Your health is absolutely worth a couple weeks of a mess!!!
      Sorry for the delay. Working 7day weeks and long days so personal gets set aside :)

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